I’ve talked to so many coaches and the topic of their Facebook ads getting disapproved keeps coming up over and over again.

Writing ad copy and learning about the little nuances of creating ads, so they are approved doesn’t have to be challenging or frustrating! In this video, you’ll get the tips and strategies I used to help create ads that are approved the first time.

Getting your ads approved has a lot to do with what you say in your ad copy, landing page copy, and metadata copy.

Prior to writing any form of copy, you will want to check out the Facebook Ad Policies page and review the prohibited and restricted content.

There are a bunch of polices to go through, and they’re all important. However, find the ones that are relevant to your industry and also make sure to check out the community standards to avoid accidentally violating the rules.

Common areas that are culprits for disapproved ads are the Personal Attributes policy.

The big thing about this area is how you address the audience of your ads and sharing how much you know about them. For example, saying things like “Hey, mom of three” “Hey dog owner” falls into this category of personal attributes.

Check it out the video below and also the policies page for some examples given directly from Facebook.

For writing ad copy that gets approved, I follow a simple ad flow formula that has helped me create ads that get approved.

Ad Flow Formula:

1. Capture Attention

  • A strong statement to stop the scroll
  • Should immediately capture a “yes” or a “that’s me” in your ideal clients’ mind
  • Encourage them to read the entire ad or to click on your ad.
  • Focus on the challenge/issue not on the person. I.E Are you tired of wasting money on ads that don’t convert? Vs. Are you an online business coach who is tired of wasting money on ads that don’t convert?

2. Relate

  • Statement to let your ideal client know you get them.
  • Include how you’ve walked in their shoes and understand their problem.
  • The use of stories is often the most effective.

3. The Shift

  • Letting your ideal client know that they can overcome the challenge or problem.
  • Tell them how you’ve overcome the challenge and have paved the way for them. This helps to show you as an authority on the issue.

4. Your Solution

  1. Share how your solution has helped you.
  2. Let them know they can get access as well.

5. Their Turn

  • Give your ideal client access to get the solution to their problem.
  • This will allow them to get their own shift and to overcome that challenge in their way.
  • Be clear on what exactly you want them to do (i.e sign up, download, register, click here, etc)
  • Include a “pretty link”. I.E Bit.ly/howtowriteadcopy

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