At this point, I’ve run hundreds of ads and no matter how great an ad converts… there’s always someone who decides to leave a negative reaction.

Thankfully, Facebook allows us to hide or delete negative comments.

But when it comes to reactions, we are left with the dreaded ANGRY face messing up the social proof of our awesome ad.

Thankfully, with some craftiness… I’ll show you how to hide the angry emoji on your Facebook ad.

Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook places a “weight” on the reactions. I haven’t come across any exact guidelines on how this is done. But here’s my observation after looking at hundreds of ads. Love, haha, wow, and like all have a higher weight than sad or angry reactions.

Facebook Reaction

Your post will then show the top three reactions. So if you’ve had some “trolls” give you the angry reaction, you can counteract this by requesting a friend or by you adding a wow/haha/love reaction.

The weight of these reactions will push the angry reaction so it’s hidden. Check out the video below on how exactly to do this!

Video Tutorial: