Uh Oh! Did Facebook shut down your ad account? Need to figure out how to appeal the decision and get your ad account and ads up and running?

Before we dive into it, I want to make sure you’re familiar on why this happened and how to prevent it from happening.

Step 1: Brushing Up On The Policies

First, the reason for being banned is often very vague and doesn’t let you know EXACTLY what happened. On the Facebook policies page, they outline several reasons for ad accounts to be disabled.

The big one to pay attention to is the Prohibited Content.

Read up on these policies before taking the next step to reach out to Facebook!

Also, keep regularly checking up on these policies to help prevent you from accidentally putting something out there that could cause your account to be disabled or banned.

Step 2: Contacting Facebook To Reinstate Your Ads Account

Let’s get right into why you popped open this article! Getting your Facebook ads account back.

I walk you through the process in this video if you’d like to follow along.

Here’s the step-by-step of what you want to do:

1. Go to Facebook Business Help Center.

Facebook ads account disabled

2. Scroll down and click on the Get Started button.

3. A “How can we help?” will pop up. On here select “Policy & Account Security”.

4. On the next step, click “Chat with a representative”

5. Fill out the required information and select “Start Chat.”

6. I find that chatting with a rep is the fastest way to getting your account back. I’ve helped a handful of advertisers recover their account and by far they were able to get their account back by chatting with a rep. Chat with them and let them know that you’re looking to see the exact reason why the account was disabled and that you’d like to know what steps are needed to get it enabled.

You’ll be given the option to file an appeal either through the rep or through a link they’ll give you. On the appeal, you’ll have to give a compelling “argument” on why your account should be allowed to advertise. Use the following script to help you appeal the decision.

“Thank you for reviewing my appeal. I followed the normal process for creating and setting up ads based on the process outlined on the Facebook Blueprint Course. Additionally, I have thoroughly reviewed the advertising policies and do my best to ensure all policies are being followed.

I believe my account shouldn’t be restricted because it doesn’t violate any of the community standards detailed on https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards. My company ________. This is such a needed service because ________. I provide a variety of _______ and I use ads to spread the word.”

I hope this helps you get your ad account back so you can continue spreading your business!