Productivity is something that I’ve struggled with for years. I wanted to consistently hit my business goals, while also feeling happy and free in my personal life. I wanted to be able to stick to a schedule and perform at my best, but I had only a vague idea of how to make this vision a reality. With the vow that this time I’d stick to it, I created a half-thought-out routine to hopefully set me on the right track. But after a few days, I would be back to my old habits and achieving nothing. I constantly felt stressed, irritable, and tired.

Working with Arfan changed this. He was able to analyse my deep-rooted habits and spot unhealthy patterns that, up until now, I had just been accepting or unaware of. He showed me a strategy that was crucial in breaking down my self-sabotaging ways – yet didn’t feel overwhelming or scary! Through Arfan’s in-depth coaching, I was able to set non-negotiable goals and boundaries. I was able to improve the quality of both my personal and work life. I was able to feel confident in my actions.

I loved working with Arfan! Due to his guidance and strategies, I now know how to progress and keep growing in all aspects of my life.

Alka Benawra, Alkabenawra.com

I had the pleasure of working with Arfan shortly after I was recruited out of college to fill an Assistant Store Manager role and I could not have been more fortunate to have Arfan as my coach and mentor. Within a short period of time, Arfan provided me with coaching, mentorship, and guidance to learn new skills and become a stronger leader. He provided me with constructive feedback on how to refine my skills to better align with the company guidelines, aided in my ability to multi-task more efficiently, and provided me with positive reinforcement and encouragement. As I mastered new skills, he continually challenged me with tasks outside of my comfort zone. Throughout this process, I grew as a leader and greatly increased my performance. As a young woman in a leadership role, where most of the associates are my senior-Arfan’s guidance and professional insight was pivotal in my development as an effective and confident leader in this industry.

Marissa Coelho, General Manager

As a coach and mentor, Arfan developed an effective team of over 100 direct reports that enabled us to succeed where others had failed. His ability to bring the best out of individuals is a testament to his commitment of putting people first. He truly understands that the foundation of success is a highly trained, motivated, and engaged team. It was truly a pleasure working with Arfan, and I would recommend taking any opportunity to leverage his leadership to advance your business and/or personal growth.

B. Sadat O’Neal, District Manager

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